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How it Started

Around 7000 years ago in India the Bed of Nails was first used as a meditative tool by The Yogi Gurus. Now YOU can REDISCOVER the numerous health benefits in this modern version of the ancient healing tool The HIMALAYA ACUPRESSURE MAT™.

This modern version of the Bed of Nails that we name The HIMALAYA ACUPRESSURE MAT was inspired by the one originally developed in India around 7,000 years ago. The Himalayan mountain range have for thousands of years identified with a deep understanding of health and wellbeing philosophies that slowly make their way to us westerners.

The Yogis of the Himalayan region found that through the understanding of Vedic science, where it is well known, that by reaching thousands of acupressure points simultaneously, they would benefit the most from the bed of nails and enter into a deep meditative state of mind.

Tibetan monks have for centuries used a version of the original bed of nails although shorter  to assist them alleviate aches and pains, and hence speed up the healing period of disease, and as a tool to assist in meditation and relaxation rituals.

During the eighties the bed of nails reemerged in what is now Russia, where it was used in health care with great results. Extended research about the effects of the bed of nails were performed and showed very positive results. The Russian physicians were astounded that such a simple tool could have such a dramatic effect on the body